Meet Paula and Nick who found me last year and chose me to document their destination wedding in Cape Cod. I love Destination weddings!

The wedding took place at the gorgeous Wequassett Luxury Resort Cape Cod.

The weather couldnt co-operate any better than the perfect sun filled blue skies! It really was an incredible day to to photograph and you will see why below.

Here are some selection of photos from the day.

The house Paula was getting ready in was this very antique-like location with lots of brick walls. I decided to put some bling into those walls. 🙂

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Heres the gorgeous dress:


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The views were just incredible and the lighting was a photographer’s dream come true!

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The pool was such a great location to get the entire scene!

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One of my favorite photos from the wedding! Isnt her dress combined with the setting just stunning?? 🙂

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Congrats to Paula and Nick!

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