I started working out again. woohooo! 🙂 You know what really sucks about returing to the gym when you are at your highest lifting potential? EVERYTHING!

It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Working out and burning fat is all about maintaining your heart rate. I’m sure the people who have personal trainers have told you that already.

Ever notice when your personal trainer looks at the clock and tells you when you should hit the weights again? This Polar FT-80 tells you exactly that!

It tells you to slow down, work hard, worker harder and slow down. All through messages and depending on what program you use it even graphs.

Its a little on the pricier side but trust me when you get this baby you will be motivated as is!.

Whats best is that the watch syncs to the http://www.polarpersonaltrainer.com where you can see your progress, set goals and get in shape quick!

Note: you have to watch your diet as well. [a caveman could tell you that.. :-)]

So, anyway, there are lots of other alternative models out there but this one is my love when I work out. I work out primarily in the gym so the display is easy to see. I have heard lots of people complain about the highly reflective nature of the crystal display making it hard to read outdoors.

My goal is to lose about 35 pounds.

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